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Our story

About us

Honest and dependable

The Patriot Kitchen aims to be on the right side of history. That means we present the facts regarding the information we report on, instead of “spinning the story” to fit a malicious narrative. Mixed in with the delicious recipes we serve, you can be happy knowing that The Patriot Kitchen is honest, dependable & entertaining.

We are always improving

The recipes cooking in The Patriot Kitchen are always evolving & improving. The more we understand the nutritional needs of our body & the sanctity of a wholesome family meal, the more inspired we feel to bring both awesome dishes & these critical values to the table.

Let’s work together

The Patriot Kitchen is continuing to grow & gain traction. We’re now open to partnerships with awesome America-1st companies. If you know a company, or have a product/service that might help our audience, feel free to reach out!